Thursday, March 19, 2009

cheep cheep cheep

Time to start collecting blown eggs for spring decorations. I've never been a fan of hard cooked eggs and I don't have the space to store dozens of paper mache eggs in a closet. As a compromise I will be opening all of our eggs for the next couple of weeks using a pin and a bulb syringe.

Step 1--Pierce the top and bottom of the uncooked egg with a long pin or needle.

Step 2--Insert the pin/needle into the egg and wiggle it around. The goal is to break open the yolk be vigorous and work from both ends.

Step 3--Finally get some use out of that bulb syringe by using it to blow out the yolk and white.

Step 4--Rinse the shells under running water and blow them out again. Persnikity folks or those who will be filling the eggs with choclate will want to gently boil the eggshells for a couple of minutes.

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